Balkan Bistro

Whether you are going to have a business lunch, romantic candlelight dinner or just a drink after a busy day, the Balkan Bistro will always meet your needs.

Fulfilling Food

Balkan Bistro is a place where guests can truly immerse themselves in Balkan cuisine through a menu that is inspired by the traditions and techniques of the kitchens of the Balkan countries.

Confortable Interior

The Balkan dining area offers a unique atmosphere and decor. Between vaulted ceilings, walls covered in traditional large-format landscapes, cozy booths – perfect for a romantic evening and an inviting bar, Balkan Bistro caters to any guest, whether they are looking for a formal or a more casual dining experience.
Join us.

Timișoara Delivery

We deliver anything prepared from the menu as well as the menu of the day, every day, through the Tazz delivery platforms

Special Events

Balkan Bistro invites you to be part of the Balkan experience by participating in the events organized by us, with Balkan musical bands. It is also available for booking large groups for both cocktail receptions and dinner events.